Saturday, August 31, 2013

Students present manic Shakespeare performance by Morgan Ian Adams

COLLINGWOOD — It was Shakespeare, with a twist.
On Saturday and Sunday, university students Meghan Maguire and Alexandra Filiplic handled the behind-the-scenes work, while out front, Robert Piggott, James McNabb and Dylan Pardy portrayed most — if not all — of the characters in William Shakespeare’s work as they presented The Complete Works… Abridged!
It’s a toss-up as to which side of the curtain the action was more frenetic.
On the makeshift stage set up on the east side of the museum grounds, Piggott, McNabb and Pardy put in manic performances of all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays, while backstage, the production’s co-directors Filiplic and Maguire — with the help of Sarah Crawford — juggled an array of props and costumes, some of which were casually propelled over the curtain as the actors finished with them.

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