Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Shakespeare in the classroom welcomed

MORE Shakespeare for schoolchildren can only be a good thing.

That is the verdict of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) reacting to the recent curriculum review by the Department for Education which will mean all pupils aged 11 to 14 will have to read two of Shakespeare's plays. The move follows criticism that under the existing curriculum pupils can leave school without studying anything more than bite-sized extracts of the Bard.

Jacqueline Green, Head of Learning and Participation at SBT said: "Whilst it is often claimed that Shakespeare is off-putting or overly challenging for this age group, the Trust regards the introduction of multiple Shakespeare plays at Key Stage 3 as a welcome opportunity for pupils to engage with the playwright’s craft, his story-telling and his theatrical provenance that will enhance students’ simultaneous study of Renaissance England in secondary school.

"Critics have denounced the old-fashioned ‘stick-Shakespeare-down-their-throats-it’s-good-for-them’ attitude - but we believe Shakespeare is and can be made accessible and valuable to all people of all ages.

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