Sunday, September 29, 2013

Professors try out new teaching method by Ashley Paholski

As students prepare to register for classes for the upcoming semester, selections are often made based on the name of the course, core requirements, professors and the allotted class times.
However, this semester students had the opportunity to sign up for a new type of course at Fairfield: Post-Lecture Classrooms, also known as “flipped classrooms.”
Besides the very intriguing name, these classes present students with a new objective to learning. Students engage in short lectures and videos on their own time, and discuss homework in the classroom, such as in Dr. Richard Regan’s Shakespeare I flipped classroom.
According to the syllabus, the class meets about every other week “to discuss the learning that will take place online and through [students] own reading. … I will supply a prompt (topic or question) through email and ask everyone to ‘Reply All’ … You must Reply All within 24 hours.”
By not meeting every week, the class requires students to take responsibility for their own work and learning outside the classroom.

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