Friday, September 13, 2013

Richard Dawkins Criticizes Shakespeare for Lacking Elite Education by Alexander Nazaryan

Neo-atheist thinker Richard Dawkins has an inordinate ability to shove his foot directly into his mouth — over and over again. He has offended Islam; he has defended pedophilia. Now, he says that William Shakespeare, the West's most exalted playwright, was not sufficiently educated.

This rather stunning assessment of Shakespeare comes in a "By the Book" interview with The New York Times Book Review, which appeared online this afternoon and will run in print this Sunday. When the interviewer asks Dawkins which writer he'd like to meet, Dawkins answers as follows:

"Sorry to be boringly predictable, but Shakespeare. Who are you? And how did a humble country boy like you become the greatest genius, and part creator, of our beloved English language. Might you have been even better if you’d studied at Oxford or Cambridge?"

The emphasis is ours; the inane words belong to Dawkins, who had a comfortable upbringing  —chronicled in his new autobiography, An Appetite for Wonder — that allowed him to attend Oxford, where is a fellow today, having become famous for books like The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion.

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