Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Flint club has read Shakespeare together for 124 years by Scott Atkinson

FLINT, MI -- On a recent night on Flint's west side, a resident's home became the meeting place for one of the longest traditions in the city.

It had nothing to do with cars, and really nothing to do with Flint, aside from the fact that -- as far as its members know -- it's one of the oldest continually meeting groups in the city.
Packed into a living room, the group of about 30 had assembled to read William Shakespeare's "Henry VI."

"It’s interesting to see the depth of interest in this community for Shakespeare and it’s the commitment to understanding the history of life during that period that Shakespeare brings to us," said Robert Aguirre, current chair of the Shakespeare Club of Flint, which had been consistently meeting and reading the bard's plays, one act at a time, three plays a year, since 1889.

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