Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hungry for Change? Shakespeare, Food, and Agriculture

Can Shakespeare and Keats address today's food security challenges? by Oliver Balch

Literature is full of references to food. Think of Chilean writer and politician Pablo Neruda's Ode to Onion, Alice in Wonderland's tea party, or Miss Haversham's wedding feast in Dickens' Great Expectations.
So, hungry for inspiration, chefs and artists are now delving into library shelves in search of novel ways to feed our foodie-fanatic appetites. Take US graphic designer Dinah Fried, whose new book Fictitious Dishes beautifully recreates 50 famous literary meals, from Moby Dick's clam chowder to Oliver Twist's gruel. If you're after a meal inspired by poetry, on the other hand, then US poet Nicole Gulotta's Eat This Poem blog has a pantry-full of them.
Now a group of Welsh academics are getting in on the eating act – but all in the name of sustainable agriculture. As part of a £70m joint EU and Welsh Assembly project linking academia and business, a team from Aberystwyth University is inviting food producers and retailers to explore the connections between fiction and farming.
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